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Richard Taylor

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McGill University
PHIL 200
Storrs Mc Call

TaylorWhat Am I most importanthardest question to answer o All morals religion metaphysics and law turn upon itKnows he exists may also have only the vaguest conception or even a totally erroneous one of the relationship between self and body No more doubt the reality of the one than the otherConnection between self and body o Having a body might consist simply in the identity of myself with the body or my being of a body Or it might amount to possession such that having a body consists essentially in this bodys being among the various other things that I own or possess it being at the same time in some way unique among theseo There may be some special as a person perhaps highly metaphysical relationship between the two such as that I as a person am one thing my body another quite different thing the two being somehow connected to each other in a special way appropriately expressed by t
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