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PHIL 367 - Hegel: Introduction to the Lectures on the History of Philosophy

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McGill University
PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

B Application of these Categories to the History of PhilosophyPart I1Philosophy is a SystemPhilosophy is the thought which brings itself into consciousness the development of the thought which is not under any restraint in its activity Like a circleThus philosophy is a system where system means totality beginning with what is simple and becoming concrete with development2The History of Philosophy is this SystemThe history of philosophy is exactly this system Philosophy today contains all the philosophies which have come before it Hegel terms the evolution of philosophy as the selfdevelopments of the spirit Consequently the history of philosophy is identical with the system of philosophy Philosophy develops out of its history and vice versa Philosophy and its history mirror one another To study the history of philosophy is to study philosophy itself 3Appearance of Philosophy in TimeNo question can be raised about the meaning of thought because it is meaning itself But thought also has a manifestation and in so far as this is distinguished from the thought we can speak of a thoughts meaning One manifestation is the idea of a thought the other is one that is historical Thought is a particular that exists alongside other particulars such as instincts inclinations etcYet in philosophy thinking is the activity of the universal its true nature is that it subsumes all the others under itself Man is distinguished from animals in virtue of his thinking The idea of a thought is universal means that one is taking thought in an objective senseThe appearance of thought in history the emergence of determinate thoughts in individuals which look accidental is is in reality a rational development in time done in accordance with the inner necessity of the Concept
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