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PHIL 367 - Kierkegaard: Possible and Actual Theses of Lessing

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

Possible and Actual Theses of Lessinga A logical system can be given but b there can be no system for life itself no system of existence I Special care must be taken not to include in it logic anything that is subject to lifes dialectic anything that only is by being there or having been there not something that is just by being 92 Dialectic or movement is the inexplicable presupposition the common factor in which being and thinking are united and as their continued reciprocity 93Logic cannot have a relation to life cannot be determined or influenced by worldly experiences Kierkegaard argues that logic itself cannot explain the dialectic so it is unreasonable to try to let the dialectic explain logic The infinite advantage over all other thinking held by the logical by being objective is limited in turn by the fact that seen subjectively it is a hypothesis just because it is indifferent to life in the sense of actuality 94 emphasis added This double nature distinguishes logic from math which is pure objectivityII The beginning of the system that begins with the immediate is then itself attained through a reflection 95 emphasis used by authorThe
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