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PHIL 367 - Kierkegaard: Fear and Trembling (Epilogue)

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PHIL 367
Susan Judith Hoffmann

EpilogueOnce when the spice market in Holland was a little slack the merchants had some cargoes dumped at sea to force up the price Is this something similar we need in the world of the spirit 149I found this analogy which utilizes the market concepts of supply and demand and the fact that Kierkegaard chose to use this analogy really interesting since at the beginning of Fear and Trembling he decries the commercialization of religion and faith Using the very thing being criticized as an instrument of criticism However the concept itself is very striking What the Dutch merchants did involved an act of sabotage in the name of a greater goodin this case greater profit Kierkegaard seems to be advocating for an attack on what has formerly passed as faith and as Christian in order to secure the greater goal of true faith the faith that has real value rather than the worthless faith carried around by the people of the times Kierkegaards ideal Christianity is one that is charming to behold and inviting to all yet hard too and an inspiration to noble minds 149 a perhaps difficult request to make of religionHowever much one generation learns from another it can never learn from its predecessor the genuinely human factor passion Every generation begins afresh the task of no later
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