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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Village elections: Training ground for democratization -Since the 1980s, China established directly elected villager committees (lowest level of civil administration in China) to plant the grassroots for a democratic process and the foundation of the rule of law.-> more openness and pluralism? Hope to improve relationship between state and villages. -The VC Law’s primary goals are to ensure villager self-government and promote grass- roots socialist democracy, material development, and culture and ideology. Duty to educate villagers on their rights and obligations. -VC not a full-time or salaried occupation. (3 to 7 members.) -Typical work: raising funds and persuade to build schools, roads... -Democratic measures in VC Law: 1)Open, direct nominations by individuals rather than groups 2)Multiple candidates 3)Secret ballots 4)The mandatory use of secret voting booths to ensure the integrity of the individual vote 5)A public co
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