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Institutional Analysis and Performance Evaluation

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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Vincent Ostrom Institutional Analysis and Performance Evaluation Important Points: Political Policy Analysis- ▯ Ostrom defines policy analysis as the way in which political scientists and legislators would explain the political and social consequences of a certain piece of legislation. He initially introduces two different modes of analysis for political policies. The first is a “means-ends analysis” where in order to determine the affects of a piece of legislation one must take into consideration the end or the goal of that piece of legislation. The end will help the analyzer determine the correct process for the program to become a policy. The example from the text is with a pure water campaign put in place with the obvious goal of clean water. Ostrom says that in order to analyze the success of this legislation one must look at the affects of the goal and the means by which to achieve it. Ostrom later suggests that there are problems with this mode because the analyzer must assume the end or the goal of the program without real knowledge if there is one in existence. ▯ The second mode of analysis Ostrom presents is the “top-down” approach which also starts with the legislative goal and uses implementation to complete that goal. Implementation is a success when the goal has been accomplished. Another problem arises here when the analyzer must assume that the legislature is not corrupt and that it is in all ways legitimate. At the conclusion of this section Ostrom makes not that policies are never more than a set of instructions for production of legislation. Operational Analysis: Service Delivery Systems- ▯ The focus of this analytical mode is the effects that are yielded by services and the enterprises that control them. The FBI is the example Ostrom uses to identify this type of anal
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