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POLI 211 Burch & Wood - From Provide to Enabler Summary Notes

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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

From provider to enabler the changing roles of the stateshift from provider welfare state to an enabling regulatory onechange still ongoingboth in definition and in views about what the state should dowhen and whyChanges in state reflect changes in elite thinking which is shaped by economic social and political factorsHow to understand the changing statechanges in state result from changes in policy makers who are shaped by economic social and political factorshowever it takes time for significance of events to register and for old understandings to be cast asideelite perceptions tend to cohere into established viewpoints based on set of values and assumptions which provide a particular way of appreciating an understanding the world current orthodoxychange from provider to enabler is a change in current orthodoxyno right view of what the state is or what it should do as these perceptions change as orthodoxy changesThree types of change1Changes in principlesassumptions about state operations2Changes in organization3Changes in practiseOld Orthodoxy and Postwar Provider Statepostwar provider state provided full range of public services and
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