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POLI 211 Comp Poli Textbook - France Summary Notes

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

FranceFrance vs USwas strong ally American War of Independence WWIWWIIalso have strong disagreements Iraq NATOcultural divide elegant sophisticated snobby frivolous cowardly French vs boorish childish dynamic entrepreneurial Americansfears over Hollywoodization of French culture TocquevilleOn Americavibrant civil society and participatory dynamism of local govswise constitutional ordersuccessful reconciliation of personal liberty and social equality also worried about racism conformism materialism antiintellectualismfeared Americas egalitarianism made it susceptible to tyranny when mass of elevated individuals faced off against a centralized state like this will ever happenAlsoadmired Great Britain as similar in situation in America as both are gifted with modernity social equalization political centralization and relative peacehowever believed British and American revolutions of relatively fewbloodshed were the exceptions rather than the norms seen in continental Europe and in particular FranceMedieval Origins of the French StateRise of Feudalismborn from the barbarian invasions following the collapse of the Roman Empirethese tribal leaders coveted the power of Romeall previous institutions destroyed except Catholic Churchtherefore Europe was characterized by political division and religions unityCharlemagne king of Franks conquered much of Europe established Frankish presence in GaulNormans settled in northern part of Frankish kingdom invaded EnglandHundred Years War power struggle between England and Francea la fin French king Charles VII saw need to establish permanent standing
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