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POLI 211 Comp Poli Textbook - Japan Summary Notes

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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

JapanGeography and Demographicsarchipelago of over 3000 islands extending 1300 milesfive main islands Honshu Hokkaido Okinawa Kyushu and Shikokuth127 mil inhabitants 10 most populated country and one of the most densely populated80 of country is mountainous 20 arable land50 of Japanese population lives on 2 of the landlacks natural resources imports almost all oil and natural gaslargely homogenous 994 are Japanese 06 are mostly Korean with some Chinese highest life expectancies some of the lowest infant morality ratesone of the richest countries in the world but high cost of living means purchasing power parity is only 75 that of the USHistorical Roots of Institutions Identities and InterestsTokugawa Japan 160318671600 Ieyasu Tokugawa unites Japan which had formerly been divided into 260 feudal fiefdoms each ruled by a daimyo a feudal lordImperial family too weak to keep powerEmperor resided in Kyoto while Japan was ruled from Edo Tokyo by the Tokugawa Shogunate for this periodDaimyo required to travel to Edo to work for the Shogunate every other year and to leave families in Edo when they left this was expensive and helped to solidify Tokugawa powerin addition travels helped economy through the creation of road infrastructure which supported urbanization Edo period known as time of peace and arts like kabuki flourished Confucianism placed value on learning and large schools created for samurai warriors in service to daimyo as well as for commonersfairly high literacy rate by the end of the periodConfucianbased classhierarchy SamuraiPeasantsArtisansMerchantseta outcasts leatherworkers etcthChristianity attempted to be introducedbut banned by turn of 17 century Japan remained country of BuddhismShintoismvery isolated during this period trade conducted only with Dutch and Chinese out of Nagasaki in KyoshuPerry sailed into Tokyo Bay in 1853 with four armed ships carrying letter from Millard Fillmore demanding Japan open up ports to American ships for trade and suppliesShogunate acquiesced treaty signed followed by similar ones with other
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