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POLI 211 Tocqueville - Appendix: Pays d'Etats Summary Notes

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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Purposes state the local authorities pays detats draw attention to those that have kept local idiosyncracies show relation to central government similarities vs differences and then using the example of Languedoc to show how all pays detats mightve developed under favourable conditionsOriginsprovinces had local Estates administrated by local men of the three estatestaken from Germanic traditionsonly true estates existing by the first French Rev were Brittany and LanguedocLanguedoccontained over two thousand townshipscommunities population of over two millionbest organized and prosperous pays detatexample of both nature of selfgovernment dancienne regime and also how even the best became subordinated to royal power Languedoc estate could only meet under express orders of King writ of summons addressed by him to each of the persons who were to sit on assemblyKing also controlled ope
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