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Political Science
POLI 211
Fillippo Sabetti

Forces of Order: Policing Modern Japan- Bayley -Police operations in Japan are based on a unique system of fixed police posts. There are two kinds: 1) “Koban” in cities. They change each shift, they report for duty at a police station and go around the koban. Koban are near traffic islands, in converted cafes and under railway overpasses. (6600) 2) “Chuzaisho” in rural areas. Residential post with a single officer who lives with his family. Located in moderate-sized villages. (9000) Koban are more important than Chuzaisho because more people live in urban areas. Fixed posts more than patrol cars. (1/5 patrol cars, 4/5 fixed posts) -Mobile kobans. -The most important function of koban is to provide people with info about locations and addresses. (narrow lanes, one-way streets, most streets are unnamed, houses are numbered according to the year in which they will built.) Japanese are mostly entertained at public facilities (no need for another numbering system.) -Neighborhoods are more heterogeneous in terms of classes than the US. (Reason: value of space.) -Koban are community service facilities more than they are sources of emergence aid. (unlike most of the countries.) “Friendly”- music, ge
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