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Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

Poli 212 Reading Notes Bunce and Pipes: The contrast between East and West. o The 2 Europes o It emerged historically and continues to impact politically. o Both authors note the consequence of the difference of the 2 Europes: weak, liberalized dictatorship and assertive autonomous society. o Historical: 3 empires (Russian, Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian) the last two fell and Austria and Turkey were created around the core metropole of these empires. Otherwise they were split into many small states that emerged in the inter-war period. o WEST: Pluralism, stable and isolated (history), break at the fall of Rome, Rise of the State, civil society, political society democracy, ethnolingistic. o EAST: Uniformity, war, changes in institution and belief system, mix in population, changes in jurisdiction= unstable, too many influences, after the fall of Rome= continuity. Rise of nation= rise of political society= capitalism. o DIFFERENCES: dev. And influences, diff. access to the East, after the fall of Rome and diff. dev. In socio economic. o The Russian empire: political revolution= socialist revolution= reorganize the east political and economical life along the quasi-imperial lines. o No more distinction between the interstate anarchy and th
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