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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

Poli 212 Reading notes Roots of democracy in Europe: Mazower reading o Democracy is not natural for Europe o It took a war to get it installed o We like to think that Europe was a continent led astray by dictators rather than on who abandon democracy. o They opted for political order that were familiar to the European culture and tradition. o Democracy was a struggle o Because of the political and economical turmoil, democracy was put on trial. o There was a polarization: the anti-communist, the democrats and the liberal elite that supported fascism o Political order: link to the old regime, dominance of a ruling class and power of the church. Elite control. o Different regimes emerge: communist, fascism, national socialist (anti-religious + explicitly nationalist), Christian authoritarianism (against communist). o The Russian revolution shaped political choices in other country. It seemed that Russian would be the first democratic success but it failed liber
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