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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

Poli 212 Reading Notes Lijphart o Difference among liberal democracy o Liberal democracy= full civil liberties, free press, etc. o All liberal democracies are elected o 22 cases that are all liberal democracies but there are differences among them. o Example: France 4 and 5 Republic= different regime o Difference: Majoritarian VS consensus  Majoritarian= Concentration as much power in the hands of the majority.  Consensus= the principle is to share as much power as possible. o 2 Dimension to analyze the cases 1) Institutional profile (power executed concentrated, party system….) Majoritarian Consensus -Concentrated power in the - Executive= legislative balance executive -Multiparty system -2 party system -Proportional representation -One dimension -Multi-dimensional (The issues are st -Plurality= 1 past the post not just left and right but also religious, cultural, etc.) o Lijphart is interested in the durability of the cabinet. He explains that does who are more durable tend to have a less powerful legislature. 2) Territorial profile (divided, unitary, centralized, ….) Majoritarian Consensus - Unitary and centralized - Federal + decentralized - Unicameralism (no equal - Bicameralism (share equal power)
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