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Political Science
POLI 212
Hudson Meadwell

Poli 212 Reading notesCarothers o From autocracy to democracy transition paradigm o Cartohters the paradigm is wrong Some countries are not following the modelo 5 assumptions 1 When you move away from autocracy you move towards democracy States are analyzed as such 2 Stages of democracyThe openingBreakthroughConsolidation Once there is a breakthrough occurs democracy will come naturally 3 Elections democracy 4 Historical culturalethnic characteristic will not affect the process of transition 5 Assume that they are building their democracies on already functioning State institutions o These assumptions are wrongo The Gray Zones neither autocratic or democratic o 2 problems 1 Feckless pluralism have elections but that is the extent of participation The political elite is corrupted 2 Dominant power politics The State have the
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