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POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Travers James The Quiet unravelling of Canadian Democracy The Toronto Star April 42009In the 80s Africa saw Canada as the perfect example of a democracy since the continent was facing major crisesAfricans are trying to strengthen their democracies Canadians are letting their democracy slipIn Africa few dictatorship and accountability is seen as a way to create a stable governmentIn Canada power and control is increasingly concentrated Political figures flout the will of voters and parties The once stable institutions are now more complex and have less legitimacy Scandals do not have public exposure sometimes no punishmentPolice force can twist the outcome of a federal electionThe authority of the Governor General is challengedMany monarch powers flow from the Parliament to the Prime MinisterSenior bureaucracy is politicizedParliament is now a ceremonial body who is not capable of performing its function of safeguarding public funding and holding ministers to accountMore authoritarian less accountable Canadian polity Since Pierre
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