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Canadian Senate - Docherty

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

The Canadian SenateDavid C DochertyRepresents and embodies some of the most antidemocratic features of representative assembliesLast attempt for Senate reform1992 Charlottetown AccordfailedPrimarily seen as a reflective body o Chamber of Second Sober Thoughtmust examine and pass legislation sent from the HoC before any bill can become lawInitial purpose was to represent two distinct segments of Canadian society regions and propertied interestsRegional Interestsconstant role for the Senate o Initial Senate at Confederation had 72 members 24 each for Ontario Quebec and Nova ScotiaBrunswick PEI entered Confederation4 pulled 2 each from Maritimes Entrance of other provinces brought the number to 105 Senate seats presently o Original objective was to have the Senate serve as an instrument of intrastate federalism Other criteria for appointment o S 23sets necessary age to enter 30 copied from the US Senateo Property requirementindicated Senators should have a literal stake in the community they were appointed to represent but obviously it was initially to make sure the Upper chamber was elitistThis remains today as more of a hist
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