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Cabinets and First Ministers – White

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Cabinets and First MinistersWhiteFirst MinisterSingularly powerful but publicly held to account for their actions through Question Period in the media and by the people come electionso Fall short of autocracySavoies argument rest on substantial expansion in the size scope and influence of the politicalbureaucratic apparatus supporting the PM the PMO and the PCOo Clerk of the PCO has now essentially become deputy minister to the PMo Not only the PMO large but senior staff positions are held exclusively by partisans o PM can and does impose his will on the cabinetcan dominate Cabinet deliberations and its decision making PMs PowerThomas the constraints on PMial power are substantial and that power in the core executive is relational primarily but not exclusively the first minister and the cabinetCabinet is doing much less to suggest PM Chretien shifted power from cabinet to individual minister rather than himself Various central agencies constitute a formidable monolithic administrative machine backing the first minister Finance Ministertypically powerful another weakness in the first minister as autocrat thesis Rarely less than a formidable force in Canadian cabinetFirmly established principle in
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