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Executive Dominance and Presidentialization

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Executive Dominance and Presidentialization Herman Bakvis Federation launched in 1867 was highly centralizedcourt decisions and practices over the years increased the power of provincial governments Rise of the Welfare stateareas under provincial jurisdiction education health care social welfare became more important 1960s70s combined effects of state building at the federal and provincial levels produced a system which pitted ten centralized executivedominated provincial governments against a centralized executivedominated federal governmentSee notes for the 3 party systems 1867 wwi 1919deifenbaker 1960s93 oSecond party system regional demands and prairie discontent produced a series of third partieso Third party system five parties in the HoC Rulesadversarial style remains those of a twoparty system Party central officesfederal level each party maintains some kind of extraparliamentary organizationProvincial level governing parties are more likely to maintain central offices than opposition parties PM is free to select and shuffle the cabinet at will Power of PMPremiers is reinforced by the ways in which leaders are selected as well as by the absence of effective deselection procedureso First system selected by legislative caucuses o Secon
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