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Failed Constitutional Accord - Jackson

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Failed Constitutional Accord JacksonGenerally agreed Quebec should be granted renewed federalismto achieve an agreement the PM gave away powers that were necessary to maintain a strong federal government because too many different demands were being made by the provincesMeech Lake 7 areas of change o Distinct society Supreme Court spending powers veto power immigration the Senate and the amending formulaRequired approval from all 10 provincial legislatures o Benefit by winning Bourassas supportafraid of Quebec voters endangering the agreementDefeated because it required unanimity from the provinces which Manitoba and Newfoundland failed to pass the necessary resolution before the ratification deadline June 23 1990Joe Clarkfederal government called several meetings with 9 provinces 2 territories and 4 aboriginal groups Allaire Proposals cried out for asymmetry with different status for different provinces or regions within the country depending on their special needsCanada already had some asymmetry Unacceptable to most Canadians because it wouldve weakened the countryPearson Building Proposals o July 7 1992tentative agreementgiven more provin
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