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Paul Martin and Parliamentary Reform

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Paul Martin and Parliamentary ReformTopic 4 House of Commons Democratic DefecitSix point plan o Loosen the hold of party discipline over Members of parliament so that they can more freely and frequently employ their own judgement on individual legislative matters o Substantially boosy the capacity of individual Members of parliament from all sides of the House to shape legislation before it gains the imprimatur of legislative approval o Increase capacity of individual MP to initiate legislation by overhauling the sytem for introducting private members bills o House of Commons standing committees should be overhauled to privde increased independence and expanded authority o Reform the process surrounding government appointments o Creation of an independent Ethics Commissioner to report to Parliament Martin established three line vote to establish a hierarchy of votes in respect to the confidence convention of responsible government o Support of all government MPs is expected o Only key government legislative initiative or policy positionsTwo line vote o Vote on government legislation or motion that will not be deemed a confidence voteRelaxed party discipline
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