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Parliament in an Age of Reform

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Parliament in an Age of Reform Topic 4 House of Commons Four essential functions of parliamento 1 to make a government Establish a legitimate government through the electoral process o 2 Make a government work Give it the authority funds and resources for governing the country o 3 Make a government behave Be a watchdog over the government o 4 Make an alternative government Enable the opposition to present its case to the public and become a credible choice for replacing the party in power Two other essentials o The function of parliament as a recruiting and training ground for political leaders o Function of political communication where the processes of parliamentary discussion express the mind of the people teach society and inform both government and citizen of grievances and problemsParliament isnot simply a technical matter of making parliament moer effective and efficientIt has two modes of operation the adversarial and the consensual o Adversarial is most prominent in question period and debates o Consensual in committee workTheres a severe problem in the role and position of the member in parliament in Canada The underlying proble
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