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Multiculturalism and the Canadian Constitution

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Political Science
POLI 221
Rick Schultz

Multiculturalism and the Canadian ConstitutionHave beens ignificant shifts in political values have taken placeImage formerly of a political community that was highly deferential to elite directionChartersymbol for the death of deference o Opened up new avenues for a qualitatively different form of political participationrely less on rugged political arithmetic of majoritanismSense of empowerment that came from 1982 Constitution and peoples attachment to it as a statement of fundamental human values Charter responded to and nurtured an emergent rights agenda After 1982 Canadians were able to conceive their Constitution as a culturally significant document instead of a somewhat esoteric guide to the allocation of governmental authorityEgregious errorsbad errors in relation to the Meech lake Accord o Meech Lake was a seamless web that could not be changedAboriginals saw Meech lake as deeply offensive to their desire to become selfgoverning In working with the
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