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ER 67- Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism in Canada (Gad Horowitz)

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Political Science
POLI 222
Christa Scholtz

ER 67: Conservatism, Liberalism, and Socialism in Canada (Gad Horowitz) Introduction: The Hartzian Approach • socialism ◦ US: dead ◦ Canada: significant political force • strength of socialism is linked to the strength of toryism, + diff. position and character of liberalism • Hartzian Approach is to study the new societies founded by Europeans ◦ fragments thrown off from Europe ◦ key to understanding is to pinpoint the "point of departure" from Europe ▪ ideologies not part of historical ideological spectrum of Mother Country (MC) • French Canada + Latin America = feudal fragments ◦ founded by bearers of the feudal or tory values • US + English Canada = bourgeois fragments ◦ founded by bearers of liberal individualism • ideology of the founders is frozen, congealed at the point of origin when it secedes from MC ◦ can't develop future ideologies which need the continued presence of the past • socialism ◦ corporate-organic-collectivist toryism, AND ◦ rationalist-egalitarian liberalism ◦ feudal and bourgeois fragments escape socialism in different ways • feudal (Fr. CA) develops no whig (undemocratic) liberalism ◦ meaning no development of liberal democracy as a reaction to whiggery ◦ meaning no development of socialism as a reaction to liberal democracy ◦ (one follows the other) ◦ radical-rationalist-egalitarian component of socialism can only be provided by whiggery and liberal democracy, which don't exist in this case • bourgeois (Eng. CA) is the opposite ◦ corporate-organic-collectivist component is missing ◦ absence of socialism b/c absence of toryism • socialist disagree with liberals about the essential meaning of equality b/c they have a
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