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ER 39- Lesbian and Gay Rights in Canada- Social Movements and Equality-Seeking (Miriam Smith).docx

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Christa Scholtz

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ER 39: Lesbian and Gay Rights in Canada: Social Movements and Equality- Seeking (Miriam Smith) From Gay Liberation to Rights Talk • differences b/w types of equality-seeking strategies before and after the Charter • 70s ◦ equality-seeking as part of sexual freedom vision ◦ undermine traditional sex, gender and family roles ◦ erase stigma ◦ eliminate sexual orientation ◦ vision of pol. and soc. change ◦ most lesbians chose to participate in women's movement over the male- dominated gay liberation movement ▪ gays and lesbians functioned separately from each other politically • 60s ◦ deconstruct and subvert the realm of sexuality ◦ politicization of sexual identity ◦ create awareness and self-consciousness • they want to get rid of categories, yet gay liberation movement is based on politicization of lesbian and gay identity (Catch-22) • need legal and pol. change through mass movement of lesbians and gays ◦ reinforce the rights they want secured in law • build a lesbian/gay identity, a constituency • demonstrate gap b/w liberal dem
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