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Antonia Maioni

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“Still Counting” by Linda Trimble and JaneArscott (2003) Editor’s Introduction In spite of the significant strides made toward women’s equality in Canada,Arscott and Trimble demonstrate that women are only “half equal” in terms of political representation in federal and provincial legislatures. They affirm that an “electoral glass ceiling” is firmly in place; women’s representation has reached a plateau at about 20% of seats. Arscott and Trimble illustrate that, though progress has been made, there remains a significant distance yet to cover. Summary A Gendered Leadership Gap • Despite political activism and policy changes, women have not come as far as they should in terms of representation • Still under-paid, have lower status and fewer high-ranking positions (even though earned) • Two democratic deficits: o Underrepresentation of women in public life o Leadership positions almost always go to men • Denounce idea that men are just more interested in politics/naturally better suited to politics The Count Begins • Royal Commission for Status of Women (RCSW) o Created in 1967 o Began raising questions in 1970 o Set out to measure women’s presence in public life, found little data because: gender was not considered relevant, and no RCSW members had access/involvement in electoral politics o Final tally had women in <2% of “public life” jobs, <1% of federal/provincial candidates • RCSW recommended more female representatives o Took 15 years to reach 10% o Very slow, gradual progress Counting Matters: The More Elected, the More Selected • Many more Conservative women elected following Mulroney government in 1984 • Doesn’t look as good when you also look at appointed positions o Few women in senate, cabinet, none (at the time) represented the Crown/were speaker o 1985: no female party leaders/PM/Premiers/SC Justices • Women’s absence from legis
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