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Clash of Civilzations (Huntington) Huntington believes that divisions will be drawn along cultural lines, not political or economic ones in the future- clash between West and non-West Civilizations as the primary political motivator, where civilizations are defined by language, religion, history, customs, institutions and the subjective self-identification of people Clash of civilizations will occur because differences among civilizations are real and basic and these differences tend to create conflict and the likelihood of conflict is increased by the increasing amount of interactions civilizations have with one another and thus the awareness of differences Economic modernization and social change is seperating people from local identities and nation state identities which leaves an opening for mobilization around civilization based identities Failures in implementing Western policies in many places will drive them to look inward for their identity, restrengthening it Cultural characterisitcs and differences are less mutable than political/economic ones- they cannot be changed or hidden, according to Huntington Economic regionalism is increasing- increasing trade between countries in the same geographic region (i.e. European Union) Clash of civilizations will occur at 2 levels: 1) Micro level - Adjacent groups along fault lines between civilizations struggling over control of territory and each other - i.e. conflict between Muslim/Hindu populations in Asia (Pakistan/India) 2) Macro level - States from different civilizations compete for relative military/economic power, control of international institutions and 3 parties, and competitively promote their particular political and religious values Velvet curtain of culture as a replacement for the
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