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Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Rapid Urbanization and the Politics of the Urban Poor

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Chapter 7 Rapid Urbanization and the Politics of the Urban Poor The Third Worlds Urban Explosion The number of people living in cities has exceeded the rural population The magnitude of the expansion has placed tremendous strains on public services housing public healthy and personal safety The Political Consequences of Urban Growth 1 Problems that exploding populations present to political leaders and government planners 2 The political attitudes and behaviour of city dwellers in the LDCspolitics of the Urban Poor The Search for Employment rd3 World vs Western Urbanization rdth1The number of urban migrants and the size of 3 world cities during the 20 century dwarf the extent of the Wests urban explosion 2 The Urban explosion of the west occurred during a time of unprecedented industrialization and economic growth Many of the urban poor who are unable to find work turn to the informal economy Informal EconomyPro employs vast numbers of people contributes a substantial proportion of rdthe 3 worlds consumer goodsAgainst workers are
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