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Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Revolutionary Change

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Political Science
POLI 227
Rex J Brynen

Chapter 8 Revolutionary Change Modern revolutionary movements have been largely a third world phenomenon fought primarily by the peasantry Defining Revolution Simply a form of governmental change through violence broad Involve a fundamental transfer of political and economic powers rather than a mere change in political leaders Revolutionary governments are frequently more broadly participatory and egalitarian than the regimes they have toppled Underlying Causes of Revolution Inexorable Historical Forces th Mao was the most influential practitioner of revolutionary warfare in the 20 centuryMany adhere to Marxs theoryRegime DecayTrue revolutions succeed only when international pressures such as war economic competition or an arms race undermine the stateMost significant factor contributing to a successful revolutionary struggle is the internal rot of the decaying old order Challenges from BelowTo succeed 1 The revolutionaries must establish themselves as an alternative sovereignty 2 A sizable portion of the population must su
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