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Conference Notes #8 Tiger Zheng Rawls on Justice  If laws or institutions, no matter how effective or efficient, are unjust than they must be abolished. o He rejects utilitarianism – that is to say, because everyone’s claim to just treatment is legitimate, we cannot override one individual’s justice for the benefit of everyone else  Rawls is a proponent of Social Contract theory o Society is formed for the benefit of everyone involved o The goal of a society is to generate a series of rules that benefit everyone in the group. o He believes that men are to decide in advance of the commonwealth how to divvy up the social benefits.  A society is well ordered only if it meets two criteria o Everyone accepts and knows that the others’ accept the same principles of justice o The basic social institutions generally satisfy and are generally known to satisfy these principles.  A society should maintain that each action by its members are consistent with justice, and must be able to prevent further violations in the events when certain actions run against societal justice. o Society then, is based
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