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Hobbes' Leviathan on Freedom

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Political Science
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POLI 232
Catherine Lu

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Conference Notes #1 Tiger Zheng Freedom within a Hobbesian Society  Hobbes defines freedom as anything free of external impediments.  Following this rule, the State of Nature is one in which we are free to perform any actions without external impediments, insofar as they are within our power.  In this state, it is perfectly justifiable for a powerful entity to acquire whatever he or she so chooses by violent or deceitful means. o Hence there is little benefit in constructing infrastructure, or farming, as the returns of these exploits would just as easily be taken.  The Social Contract that members of a society agree to restricts power, in favour of a degree of certainty, and incentivizes production and forward movement.  It does not physically, to my understanding, apply external impediments, but rather affects how benefic
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