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Catherine Lu

Conference Notes #9 Tiger Zheng Gender Equality  Argues that the modern liberal society in Rawls’ theory of justice is “deeply and pervasively gender-structured.” o But a strict application of the theory can lead to gender role reform  Okin attacks Rawl’s diction, citing that he uses male-specific terms when referring to people, or generation gaps. o She notes that Rawls does not reconcile Kant’s moral theory with feminism. o Rawls also alluded to Freud without addressing Freud’s underlying misogynistic ideas.  Okin speaks to a great deal about how society interprets certain terms (heads of the family, for instance), and how they typically imply a male dominated, patriarchal structure unless otherwise stated. o Though Rawls believed in justice “regardless of sex,” these biases remain in his work.  Rawls neglects to describe the “inner justice” of a family o Rawls’ original position deals with the heads of families, making them the parties involved in the social contract, but this means that wives (and other adults may be misrepresented or not heard). o This also leads Okin to believe that women may not be included
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