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Political Science
POLI 232
Catherine Lu

Conference Notes #4 Tiger Zheng The Communist Manifestso  Opens with alluding to a spectre of communism o Refers to the imminence and omnipresence of it o He further states that the older more established classes of society (that is, the bourgeoisie, clergy, and ) are working against communism because it threatens to change their way of life. o Believes that communists should openly espouse their doctrine, so that it would no longer be considered a misunderstood “spectre”.  Believes that capitalism pits to classes against one another: o The proletariat – the working class, essentially provides the labour capital to the corporate machine.  Competition between the proletariat drives down the wages and working conditions, which is conducive to advancing the bourgeoisie’s agenda o The bourgeoisie – the “owne
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