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Chapter 15

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Ch. 15: The Reciprocity Election of 1911 System-level:  Mixed trends in tariffs  US seemed ready to liberalize trade?  Canada was redefining its British links  Tariffs became even higher after 1890, targeted more goods  Laurier leaned towards creating economic ties with the US……. Which would break historical ties with Britain  Negotiations between US and Canada became successful on Jan 26, 1911 Domestic level:  “laurier and larger markets”  central Canadian farmers, switching to dairy, realized selling milk domestically was more profitable than selling butter or cheese internationally. Exports declined. (sector divisions)  it was asked if opening up to the US market meant also being subjected to US monopolies and trusts.  Clifford Sifton opposed reciprocity  Western millers, meat-packers and other sectors favored protectionism  Henry Bourassa mobilized the Québec nationalists against the Liberals. o Wanted to prevent stronger ties with Britain and protect small, labor intensive businesses
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