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Chapter 12

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Political Science
POLI 243
Mark Brawley

Chapter 12: Sir John A. MacDonald and the Introduction of Canada’s National Policy  Free-er trade spread internationally, many economies adopting liberal trade policies  Increase in commodities due to transportation advances and increased productive capacity. Made free trade unpopular. National Policy:  Protectionism (high tariffs)  Transnational railroad  Increase immigration to the west System-level:  Economic downturn in 1870s  Everyone else was pursuing protectionism, Canada could remain open or retaliate  No regime existed at the time. Everything was done via bilateral agreements.  Industrial producers in Canada were losing the US market, needed to grow domestically as a result Domestic politics  Land was abundant, but capital and labor were not  Landowners (farmers) expected to support free trade, industrial interests wanted protectionism  CPR took longer and cost more than expected. Farmers and vendors in the west had no choice but to use it, and it cost them a lot. o Liberals argued for railway competition  Tories did not support immigrants, peo
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