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Chapter 15


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Mark Brawley

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CHAPTER 15: THE RECIPROCITY ELECTION IN CANADA, 1911 The election of 1911: Laurier offered Canadian voters a chance to liberalize trade with the U.S. à the agreement was reached but the liberals still lost the election. The liberals were more affective with use of the national policy. System Level Factors: The Opportunity to Liberalize Trade • 3 Prominent Fact o Trends in tariffs were mixed o The U.S. seemed ready to negotiate liberalized trade o Canada was redefining its links to Britain, just as Britain was questioning its own commitment to free trade (opening up trade to more trading partners) • Tariffs were on the rise • Reciprocity was a tool used to negotiate lower tariffs • As the economy declined, the appeal of free trade waned leaving the door open for the Tories • Laurier’s opponents used the fact that he wanted to be closer with the U.S. against him • The systemic environment had handed a free trade negotiation to Laurier Domestic Level Arguments
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