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Jason Scott Ferrell

How David Beats Goliath (Malcolm Gladwell) Basketball • approach with appeals to reason and common sense • stop conceding the other seventy feet of the court • Goliath makes the rules, so he can be beat by playing differently • weak teams play in a way that makes it east for good teams to do the very things that make them so good • full-court press, every game, all the time (unconventional strategy) • basketball was batch: the reason they had to compose themselves was that by retreating they allowed the offense to execute a play it had practiced to perfection • two deadlines: 1. inbounds pass (5 seconds) ▪ played in front of their opponents to prevent them from catching the inbounds pass in the first place 2. advance the ball across mid-court (10 seconds) ▪ descend on the girl who caught the inbounds pass and "trap" her • willingness to try harder than anyone else • effort can trump ability, because relentless effort is in fact rarer than the ability to engage in some finely tuned act of motor coordination T.E. Lawrence • attacked the Turks where they were weaker (railroads) instead of where they were strong (Medina) ◦ along the vast,
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