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POLI 244 - ER Reading (Keohane's "After Hegemony")

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

KeohaneAfter HegemonyRealist theories regard international relations as a state of anarchy in which states judge its own causes and carry out its own judgementsProblem systemwide patterns of cooperation such as those observed in finance health telecommunications cannot be explained by realismInstitutionalist liberal theorists also predict that the increasing amount of economic interdependence post WWII will create an atmosphere more conducive for peaceProblem erosion of international regimes alongside American power signs of decline in the extent to which powers cooperate leave dents in the most optimistic of Institutionalist theoriesHegemony typically only results after a largescale conflict during peace times weaker countries tend to gain on the hegemon In the nuclear age it is difficult to presume that a country will emerge prosperous and with hegemonic power As the American hegemony erodes it is
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