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A Study of International Cooperation by Robert Jervis NOTES.txt

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Political Science
POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

From Balance to Concert A Study of International Security Cooperation by Robert Jervis NOTESThe Security DilemmaOutlineAnarchy and the security dilemma make cooperation seemingly impossible Why would states cooperate anyway Presumably there must be some mechanism which allows states to bind themselves and partners not to defect or at least some mechanism by which to detect defection early enough to respond appropriately 170171MAIN VARIABLES AND PREDICTIONSJervis identifies two main variables the offensedefense balance X1 and the ability to distinguish between offensivedefensive postures X2 Using these two variables he creates a twobytwo matrix with four possible strategic environments1 OffensiveDefensive posture indistinguishableOffensive advantageThis world is very dangerous because countries have an incentive to take offensive action to increase their security and they have an inherent mistrust of each other because they cannot determine their neighbors intentions from their actions The security dilemma is strong in this environment2 OffensiveDefensive posture indistinguishableDefensiv
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