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The Promise of Collective Security Cupchan NOTES.txt

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Political Science
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POLI 244
Fernando Nunez- Mietz

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OutlineThe Historical Emergence of Collective Security From the Concert of Europe to the League of Nations Collective security is all about balancing and the aggregation of military force against threats to peace Promotes a more cooperative international environment making interstate rivalry and aggression less likelySummaryCharles and Clifford Kupchan advocated a theory of collective security based on military power as a main feature of international system in which the key to enhancing stabilitydepended onthe management of military power For themenhancing stability is equal to manage properly military power through international organizations According to that collective security could be defined as followsStates agreement to abide by certain norms and rules to maintain stability and band together to stop aggressionCharles Kupchan and Clifford Kupchan 52The above definition captured the collective securitys essentials 1 reliance on legal norms 2 rejection of individual action and 3 the purpose of stopping aggression Thereby the bedrock of collective security is the idea of institutionalizing the legal use of force to reduce the negative effects of anarchy and its major advantage is that it provides form or effective balancing against aggressors and that it promotes a more cooperative international environment thereby making interstate rivalry and aggression less likely Charles Kupchan and Clifford Kupchan 52 Thus collective security assumes that 1 all members are equally committed to balance the aggressor 2 war are likely to occur and to be prevented 3 its member will agree on which nation is the aggressor 4 the cumulative power of its member will effective and sufficient to defeat the aggressor 5 the aggressor will modify its behavior so interstates rival
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