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POLI 244 - ER Reading (Keck & Sikkink - Transnational Advocacy Networks)

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Transnational Advocacy Networksvoluntary reciprocal horizontal patterns of communication and exchange working internationally on an issue and whose actors are bound together by shared values a common discourse and dense exchanges of information and services These multiply the channels of access to the international system by building new links among actors in civil societies states and international organizations and by blurring a states relations with its own nationals and the recourse both citizens and states have to the international system transforming the practice of national sovereignty in the process frame issues to make them comprehensiblepromotes norm implementationscommunicative structures actors in advocacy networks NGOs social movements media intergovernmental orgs government orgs and miscellaneous like churches trade unions and intellectuals power of networks come from their ability to disseminate and alter information and ideas this can be termed persuasion and socialization but it also inc
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