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Chapter 10

POLI 244 - WP Text Ch. 10 Transnational Networks

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Transnational NetworksDefinition sets of constituent actors engaged in voluntary reciprocal interactions and exchange across national bordersTwo main types1Transnational Advocacy Networks TANsbringing political and social change through social mobilization changes in social norms providing information and political pressure on governmentsEx International Campaign to Ban Landmines 2Transnational Terrorist Networkssimilar to TANs in aspirations for politicalsocial change but different in their preference for violence as the bargaining or coercive means to bring about changeTANscomprised of individuals and NGOsin pursuit of normative objectives such as human rights the environment economicsocial justice democracy womens rights and abortion rights dramatic growth over last 50 years especially during 1990s power of ideas to alter perceived interests and to change behaviour at the individual and state levels this is done through several methods1Dissemination of knowledgeSpread of information may change interests of actors ie Spread of climate change information by Greenpeace However just information may not be enough as counterforces can also mobilize against these TANs tobacco lobby mobilizing against scientific knowledge on the adverse effects of tobacco2Promotion of new normsNorms affect behaviour by raising the costs of inappropriate actions One function of TANs is to encourage normative behaviour and spread norms across national bordersThree stage norms life cycleA norms entrepreneurs actively work to convince critical mass of other individuals to embrace their beliefs ie norm of medical personnel and wounded soldiers be
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