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POLI 244 - ER Reading (Kilcullen's Accidental Guerrilla)

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McGill University
Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

stPrevalence of ground warfare into the 21 century engagement of a counterwar strategy by the West in which it follows and attempts to maintain rules of conventionality that favour it in areas of conflict that is Western countries would be seeking to control or end violence rather than as in traditional warfare to achieve policy ends through violenceHybrid WarfareNew actors insurgencies tribal groups with new technology communicationmedia toos new explosivesmunitions highlethality individual weapons robotics and new ways of warfare internetenabled terrorism transnational guerrilla warfare coexist with traditional threats state vs state conflicts in Middle East RussiaGeorgiastressing and overloading the systems of western militaries US has struggled to operate in the modern world with Trumanera security institutions International structures such as the UN and the IAEA has proved less than effective The seeming neglect by the US of its established system of rules waterboarding Guantanamo unilateralism has proven to be a breach of trust between US and the rest of the world Four Ways of Thinking About Conflict Environments1Backlash Against GlobalizationJust as wars of 40s60s were a backlash against colonialism todays wars are a backlash against globalization Not only has globalization created economic disparity but it facilitated the hegemony of Western culture which has proven to be the basis for sociocultural reactionarianism in the rest of the world Six principle implicationsA Corrosion of traditional cultures and societies inspire violent antagonism to Western modernization evidenced in antiAmericanism protectionism at the state levelcan be benign like the slow food movement agitated like the disruption of the Seattle WTO meeting in 2001 or violent eventually leading to civil war and international terrorismB Globalization afforded its opponents unprecedented access to tools such as the Internet satellite communication the ease of international movement and trade and new weapons systems like portable antiaircraft missiles and powerful blast munitions paradoxically the opponents of globalization are some of the most
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