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Chapter 11

POLI 244 - WP Text Ch. 11 Human Rights

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

Human RightsWhy are they controversialAre some more important than othersWhy do states violate human rightsWhy do states sign human rights agreementsDoes International Human Rights Law make a differenceWhen do states tack action on Human RightsWill Protection of Human Rights Improve in the FutureWhy do states undertake the costly action of protecting human rights outside their bordersDespite widespread support for them why has the movement not been more successfulPoints for addressing these puzzlesCore of the Analysisinternational human rights as an institution is created by and reflects political norms of Western liberal democracies therefore the norms remain controversial are not equally shared and have yet to be internalized in many societiesindividualsstates take costly acts to punish states that violate human rights however the interest to do so is weak and states are rarely keen to pay high costs to protect individuals outside their bordersWhat Are International Human RightsHuman rights rights all humans possess by virtue of being human and as such are universal UDHR adopted by General Assembly in 1948 defines common standard of achievement for all peoples forming foundation of modern human rights law although it is nonbinding on statesFirst two articles deal with universal human dignity Articles 319 are civil liberties founded in Western philosophical and legal tradition Articles 2026 focus on social political and economic equality also rooted in Western traditions postIndustrial Revolution and are associated with socialist thought 27 and 28 deal with rights of communalnational solidarity championed by states emerging from colonialism Resulted in two separate legal treaties one focused on political rights favoured by Western states International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and one on economic social and cultural rights of equality and fraternity favoured by
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