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Chapter 12

POLI 244 - WP Text Ch. 12 Global Environment

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Political Science
POLI 244
Stephen Saideman

EnvironmentExamples of both where international cooperation has prevailed Montreal Protocol deemed by Annan as perhaps the most successful international agreement ever and where cooperation has failed KyotoWhy has it been difficult to cooperate all the time1IgnoranceWorld leaders perhaps lack adequate informationHowever this is largely not the case Americans seems once again to be the exception here Recognizing challenges does not automatically translate into workable solutions2Special Interest GroupsCertain groups stand to lose from environmental policies corporations exporters However there clearly are cases where collective interest in clean environment has won out so what makes those cases uniqueCore of the Analysisinteractions of individuals and countries suffer from problems of collective actionsmall groups of actors that have a history of cooperation on other issues will be most successful in cooperating on environmental issuesindividuals groups and countries have different interests on who bears the costs of environmental regulation how policies distribute these costs affects who likely actors will cooperate TANs play a major role in increasing chance of cooperation by providing information and verifying compliance Why Are Good Intentions Not Good EnoughReciprocationindividual sacrifice results in benefit that is disaggregated to the whole world that is you get almost nothing in return for bearing costs and vice versa individual cheating result in personal benefit with cost disaggregated to the whole worldTherefore an individual is extremely incentivized normally to not cooperate even though we prefer a cleaner environment we will avoid changing our personal behaviour
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