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POLI 324
Khalid Medani

P. Ahluwalia - “Founding Father Presidencies and the Rise of Authoritarianism in Kenya: A Case Study” Multi-Party Politics in Kenya and the 1992 Elections: • 1992: Kenya held its seventh national elections since independence. • During the campaign period, opposition were denied access to any state resources, while KANU organized media and poured massive government resources for their campaign. • President Daniel Arap Moi and KANU were re-elected. • Ethnicity remained a major factor in Kenyan politics o Support for Moi and KANU was an alliance among the small ethnicities against the country’s two largest ethnicities. o If the opposition were united, it would have been impossible for Moi to win. o The opposition leaders secured more than the required 25% of the votes in five of the eight provinces, mainly due to ethnicity. The Post-Elections Cabinet: • When Moi was re-elected, the main opposition parties claimed the results were rigged. They formed an alliance against the results of the elections. • Moi’s victory was possible due to the disunity of the opposition. • The elections resulted in the rejection of fifteen cabinet ministers – which reflected the electorate’s demand for a more accountable government. • Cabinet appointments were almost entirely based ethnicity and KANU support. • There was little attempt to formulate a cabinet that would reflect the country’s ethnic and regional diversity. • Cabinet was reduced from 32 to 25 members and the President re-elected ministers to the same positions why they had previousl
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