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POLI 338 - Self: China and Japan_A Fascade of Friendship

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Political Science
POLI 338
Juan Wang

Benjamin Self – China and Japan: A facade of friendship “As each undergoes political, social, economic, and strategic transformations, relations between Japan and China will inevitably continue to erode. Each of these dimensions contains some positive elements, but the dominating trend in all four areas is a cause for concern.” “Intensifying rivalry is crowding out the positive aspects of bilateral ties.” “Today's international community cannot rely on the corrective mechanism of friendship diplomacy that worked in the past.” Politicians who rely on such frameworks are more likely to hurt the relationship by masking the hidden tension with the “mirage of good relations.” Sweeping Tensions under the Friendship Rug “One major factor behind the shift in attitudes in Tokyo is the passing of those who had built the friendship ties with China.” “Japan is no longer consumed by penitence over its history.” The Unraveling Framework Today New Japanese political generation has promoted a more patriotic Japan. “Japanese leaders are increasingly likely to back Taiwan, pay tribute at the Yasukuni shrine, and call for a sterner approach toward china, including further cuts in aid.” Despite greater people-to-people contact between the two countries, “the premise that contact breeds affection among people has not yet been proven.” Self charges that Chinese textbooks are themselves “biased.” What would examples of these biases look like? Why does he not cite them? How does one bias a historical textbook to be too anti-Japan? By actually talking about Japan's war atrocities? Self also cites Japan's financial aid to China as “amends for the past.” A cynic would say that this is more like Japanese efforts to buy Chinese subservience. If Japan truly wished to make amends, there are a battery of less financially costly, and more important symbolically, measures that Japan could take,
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