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POLI 338 - Lecture: Taiwan Question

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Political Science
POLI 338
Juan Wang

Feb. 28 – Taiwan Question I. Taiwan Strait Crises 1) 1954-55 − both PRC and ROC had one goal: unification of China − took place concurrently with Korean War − U.S. involvement − deployment of seventh fleet to Taiwan − when China began planning Taiwan invasion, U.S. and Taiwan signed Mutual Defence Treaty − U.S. would not be involved if ROC attacks, but will be involved if PRC attacks − lasted until 1979: beginning of Sino-US diplomatic relations 2) 1958 − time of passion; over-optimism of China's future − Great Leap Forward − bombing of minor Taiwan-controlled islands − in Deng era (beginning 1978), there is a change of policy from confrontation to peaceful reunification − due to Deng's personal views and desire to break from confrontationalist Mao policy, and because of burgeoning of Sino-US relations − 1972: Nixon's visit to China; admitted “One China” − 1979: official establishment of relations, U.S. broke formal link with Taiwan − 1982: decrease arm sale to Taiwan − Deng wanted Taiwan reunification by 1980s − by Jiang, there was no definite timeline − 1989: Tiananmen Square − consequences: U.S. and European sanctions on weapons sales to
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