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"Trial by Error- Justice in Post-Qaddafi Libya" (ICG--04-17-13).pdf

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Rex Brynen

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necessary cures to Libya's pervasive insecurity first, must repair its judicial system people distrust an apparatus they view as a relic, seek to take matters into their own hands armed groups arbitrarily detain, torture and assassinate presumed Qad loyalists violence for pol. or criminal aims breaking this cycle requires delivering justice to forer regime victims by reforming the judiciary kick-starting transitional justice screen out ex-regime loyalists guilty of crimes, but avoid witch hunts reign in armed groups real risk of escalating targeted assassinations, urban violence, and communal conflicts 1 year since Qad, yet no functioning court system in most areas armed groups run prisons and enforce their justice under Qad politicization of appointments rampant corruption use of extrajudicial means to target opponents new gov't opted to gradually screen out Qad-era judicial officers proliferation of armed groups so-called revolutionary brigades, above the law assume the roles of police, prosecutors, judges, and jailers create investigation and arrest units, draft wanted lists, use checkpoints, have detention facilities no judicial review or basic due process some assassinations and attacks against gov't security forces impatience with the pace of justice emboldens armed groups increased activism undermines the state's ability to function vindicates the armed groups' claim that they must fill the vacuum some see them as necessary because of defective state institutions and continued sway of Qad-era officials gov't is cautiously weeding out, but brigades want root-and-branch dismissal contradictory gov't policies National Transitional Council (NTC) first post-Qad governing body vowed to build new justice system BUT encouraged consolidation of the brigades and recognized many General National Congress (GNC) sanctioned efforts by gov't-affili
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