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Political Science
POLI 341
Julie Norman

Overview : • prevailing authoritarian governments, less political reform (success) • Why does authoritarian rule persist? > dominant role of state in economy, ruling bargain, preference of external powers to stabilize democracy • post 9/11 : US, European powers decided to spread democracy in Middle East : not successful • political upheaval in 2011 : accumulated rage against autocratic governments, developed into a quest for freedom and better governance Introduction : • significant political reform : is possible (a reality) • 2011 : a crucial year for Middle East (Arab spring : people want the fall of the regime) 1.protests in Tunisia > inspired popular uprising in Egypt (demonstrators killed by security and thugs related to Mubarak) >protests spread across in the Arab world with varying success and a lot of violence (Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria) 2.keystone of transformation : respect, dignity (cored demand of the protestors) 3.authoritarianism in Arab world characterized by depoliticization of public place Authoritarian state model : legacies and changing parameters • Late Independence : all Middle Eastern countries won independence in 20th c. > new governments faced a lot of challenges (promoting prosperity and development in countries which are ill-equipped to the world system is a tough job!) • Bad economic choice : a statist economy chosen to lead development >
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